A mix between dokumentation and art

About Inner Circle - english

The joint project with Burkhard Masuratis was created during our joint exhibition at the Galerie im Brush. There, we decided to combine our creative abilities. Our collaborative work consists of x-ray images, magnetic resonance images, and computed tomographies. The images were digitized, partially restored, and digitally edited. There was no workflow; each image was edited individually and elaborately, because our internal diversity should not be destroyed by uniformed images. The works are currently being shipped, masked in aluminum. However, we also experiment with light boxes and black light, so that the presentation achieves diversity. When I look in the mirror,

I don't even see myself. I only see whether I need to shave again. I don't see my hairstyle anymore, because that doesn't matter to me. Others see their hairstyle, and check for new wrinkles. Others only see if their butt has gotten fatter. Everyone sees what they want to see. That's practical. I wouldn't necessarily like to see my brain and beating heart in the mirror. Or inside my intestines. At the same time, our interior doesn't necessarily have to look bad. As in portrait photography, with a little fine tuning, one can even style our innards to look appealing. It belongs to us, so a look inside can't hurt. And not only that. We also belong to our interior. Everything is in a state of flux, and forms a finely adjusted construct of balance. It's not that we stand in front of the mirror and are simply ourselves. We don't control our bodies; rather, interior and exterior control one another. What's being acted out in us recalls again and again the endless battles between good and evil. When we get sick, the body tries to form antibodies so our interior is better prepared next time. That's how it always goes, back and forth. Besides, countless chemical reactions control our bodies. The question arises whether it's us, or the countless workers in us, that need sleep every day. What reason is there not to show respect for our interiors? And what reason is there not to show that, from the inside, we all look more or less the same? We seize on this idea and dare to take this look.